Here's What to Pack in Your Surrogate Hospital Bag

Written by Caroline Shannon

March 9, 2023

Surrogates weigh in on their hospital must-haves, including their coziest recommendations.

Packing a hospital bag for birth can be nerve-wracking for the best of us. (What to pack? How many outfits? What if ...?) But when it comes to a surrogate hospital bag, there's a bit of beauty involved because of one major factor. "You're only packing for yourself!" says Brianna Buck, Nodal's Head of Community and a former surrogate.

"Post-surrogacy birth is all about comfort since you actually get to focus on yourself instead of a baby," Buck says.

Ashley Greene, Nodal's Program Coordinator and a three-time surrogate agreed, adding that "you aren't packing anything for a newborn, which means more room for self-care items and a chance to focus on yourself.

Keep reading to find a few of Buck's and Greene's favorite hospital bag items. (Hint: There's food involved.)

Azue Fuzzy Microfiber Slipper Socks

Instead of packing tiny baby onesies, you can stock up on these cozy socks to keep comfortable during your hospital stay. Greene and Buck agree no surrogate hospital bag would be complete without a pair (or five).

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Theorie Pure Collection Travel Set

Not only did Greene mention she likes having her own bath products on hand for that first (amazing) post-birth shower, but she said she also chooses new products for one very special reason.

"I always buy a separate scented body wash, shampoo, and conditioner for each birth," she said. "Then, every time I smelled it in the future, it would bring with it those memories."

Try a set like this collection from Theorie Pure, which includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body scrub with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and argan oil.

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Aamikast Women's Pajama Set

“I always bring my own pillow and blanket,” Greene said. “And I’m extra, but I buy new pjs for every birth that are super stretchy and soft.” 

Hey, we say there’s nothing “extra” about packing all of the cozy things, which is why these super-soft modal jersey pajamas are a perfect addition to your post-birth attire.

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DoorDash Gift Card

Buck and Greene agreed that "snacks!" are a necessary addition to a surrogate hospital bag and even a full meal you've prepared and packed ahead of time.

"I've never delivered during the time when the food service was open, so I always bring something to eat after," Greene said, adding that DoorDash and other food delivery services are also an option.

If friends and family are looking for small things they might do to help support you, a gift card to DoorDash or another delivery service might be the perfect pick.

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Bottom line: While Greene and Buck agreed that important items—like legal documents that establish parentage to intended parents—are necessary additions to a surrogate hospital bag, the packing theme is obvious: comfort.

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