A clearer
big picture.

Finally, a snapshot summary of a surrogate’s entire records. Synthesized and simplified to save you time and money.

What you’ll get:




to track down all
relevant information

of reading

to summarize a
full history

Extra layers of screening

Go beyond the current industry standard and take a deeper dive into areas like prior prescriptions, diagnosis codes, and procedure codes.

Safeguard matches that move forward

With more visibility into a surrogate’s history, you’ll help to ensure a match will stick and move forward quickly.

Reduce your risk and liability

Better protect your clinic/agency from hiccups or missteps by getting all the information you can.

No more fact-finding, corralling practitioners, or reading through thousands of pages of notes. We’ve simplified the surrogacy screening process.

How it works:

1. Create an Account

Sign up and verify your information

2. Get a Dashboard

See the status of all candidates and where they are in the review process

3. Digitally Send Requests

Get permission from a surrogate to pull their records with the click of a button

4. Review Candidate’s Profile

Track progress in the approval process by taking a closer look at each individual