A better way
to find intended

The Power to Choose

We are wholeheartedly committed to you finding your perfect match yourself.  We are just the tool you need to see who’s out there — because we believe in putting the power where it belongs: Directly in your hands.

As a surrogate at Nodal, you’re able to browse Intended Parent(s) profiles and be the first to reach out. That’s right: You’ll dictate who you connect with from the very start and only speak with people who you think might be a good fit. It’s a big decision and the choice is totally yours.

Our Process

Submit an Application

Tell us more about your background, health and motivations

Screened by an Expert

Every applicant speaks to an experienced program supervisor

Identity & Background Check

Verification gives everyone involved peace of mind

Medical Records Review

Releasing your records allows us to verify pertinent health information

Create a Personal Profile

Give an overview of your unique story and set your preferences

Reach Out First

Browse IP profiles based on meaningful criteria and connect directly

Interested in Applying?

First, let’s make sure you meet the basic requirements.

You’re 21-43 years old

You have a BMI of less than 32

You live in a surrogacy-friendly state

You’ve experienced at least 1 successful pregnancy, with no complications

You do not smoke or use drugs

You have a reliable personal
support system

You’re currently parenting at least one of those children

You do not financially rely on government assistance in any form

You can travel to appointments independently

The Nodal Difference

Fast-track the matching

We know how eager you are to meet the Intended Parent(s) of your dreams, and our tech-powered platform makes it possible to connect in a matter of moments, not months.

The perfect fit

Nodal’s surrogates have private access to an exceptional group of intended parents who are vetted to be thoughtful, caring, and collaborative. We are wholly committed to helping surrogates find the most respectful and deeply considerate intended parents to work with.

An experienced community

Joining our platform means gaining support from surrogates who have actually been there before. Get access to our digital community and chat directly with former and current surrogates to get advice and guidance. We even assign you a dedicated mentor to give you support from day one.

Fourth-trimester resources

We are devoted to supporting our surrogates fully and completely. And our support doesn’t end when the baby arrives—we offer fourth-trimester resources because, in our opinion, recovery is a crucial component to a successful journey.

Our Mantra

When surrogates control their experience, have their rights and health supported throughout the process, and feel deeply respected and considered their health and satisfaction benefit. We don’t just believe that these things directly impact creating more healthy babies and happy families—we know it without a doubt.