Is Nodal an agency?

No. Nodal is a matching platform that connects Nodal qualified gestational carriers and intended parents together.

Who does Nodal work with?

Gestational carriers, intended parents, surrogacy agencies, and ART attorneys.

Does it cost me anything to join the Nodal Network as a Gestational Carrier?

Joining Nodal as a gestational carrier is free! However, all GCs must pass our Nodal screening before becoming a member of our Network.

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a form of third-party reproduction in which a consenting individual carries a pregnancy for the intended parent(s). There is no biological relation between the carrier and the baby.

Is the surrogate biologically related to the baby?

No. The carrier has NO biological relation to the child. An embryo created from gametes from the intended parent(s) or donors is transferred to the gestational carrier via in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Why choose Nodal as an Intended Parent?

Nodal connects you directly with Nodal qualified carriers who have been prescreened for fit and mutual compatibility. Our experienced team and trusted technology can help reduce the time it takes to find the right match.

Can I join Nodal if I am an IP already working with an agency?

Yes! We work with intended parents that are looking for the right match regardless whether they are already working with an agency, would like to eventually work with an agency, or prefer to go the independent route.

Is surrogacy legal in all US states?

Surrogacy is legal in all states with the exception of Nebraska, Louisiana, and Michigan.

Why choose Nodal as a GC?

Nodal provides exclusive access to personal surrogacy advisors and educational resources that help guide you through each step of the journey. We are focused on ensuring our GCs are connected with the right intended parents for them, that is why Nodal is the only surrogacy platform that lets GC make the first move when it comes to matching.

What are the basic requirements to becoming a surrogate?

View full requirements at Gestational Carrier Requirements

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