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The Nodal Network is made up of experienced surrogates and surrogacy experts. We understand the surrogacy process and are here to help you navigate the many choices along the way. These pregnancy tools and surrogacy resources were developed to assist you on your journey, and beyond. Both IP's and GC's have a lot going on. Our Pregnancy Calculator will make sure you know when to expect baby and the Law Map will keep you informed of the various state laws for surrogacy in the USA. We are constantly updating them, so please come back regularly to see what’s changed, or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram for updates! 

If you have questions about the process of becoming a gestational carrier or starting a family through surrogacy, don’t forget to visit our Surrogacy FAQ page or contact us directly.


Using In Vitro Fertilization or having a Frozen Embryo Transfer may affect your pregnancy due date.  Use this free pregnancy due date calculator if you are working with a fertility expert or REI (Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist) to more accurately estimate when to expect. Try it now!

BMI calculator

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a representation of your body fat ratio based on your height and weight.  
This BMI calculator will work for both men and women!

Baby size Comparison

What does the baby's size compare to in the real world? Keep track of how big the baby has grown with our week-by-week comparison with fruits and veggies.

surrogacy State
Law map

Coming Soon!
Surrogacy is legal in the United States; however, regulations and guidelines vary from state to state.  Use our updated surrogacy law map to find out what the surrogacy laws are in your state or in the state that your Gestational Carrier lives in, including pre-birth orders, traditional surrogacy legislation, and more.

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