Candidate screening made simple.

Whether you’re doing an independent journey or working with an agency, you can now access the most advanced level of screening available anywhere. Our technology pulls and synthesizes from over a dozen different data sources, transforming information into better outcomes.

Who can you evaluate with Nodal Screen?


Egg Donors

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Sperm Donors

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Pull information on any and every candidate you like. Our system will automatically prompt the individual of your choosing to sign the appropriate consents so we can get moving.

Source the Truth

Whether it’s intentional omission or human error, self-reported medical information isn’t always accurate. Don’t take any chances and automate the retrieval and screening process. From prescription history to medical records to personal information, it’s now possible to leave no digital stone unturned.

The New Gold Standard

Finally, a snapshot summary of a surrogate’s entire history. A Nodal Screen includes:

A Nodal Face Sheet

Background & identity check

Retrieval and synthesis of tradition labor & delivery records

List of all providers seen in the last 5 years

Pulling from 12+ data sources

Nodal Screening for surrogate candidates

How it Works

How it Works

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Access a dashboard for status updates

The Results

Nodal pulls and synthesizes data into a Face Sheet and a full source materials packet

Our Pricing:

$2,500 per screen

Discounts available for higher volume commitments

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