Be in control of your journey.

A Game-Changing Platform

We have reinvented the slow-moving, antiquated processes that have historically made surrogacy a bulky, time-consuming endeavor. Instead, we’ve created an intuitive, frictionless experience where intended parents can quickly match with their dream surrogate, fast track through the legal process, and get moving towards a baby in way less time.

Whether you’re working with an agency or going the independent journey route, Nodal is a helpful add-on.

Our difference




Save time
Save money
Educational tools & resources
Legal resources
Insurance suggestions
The power to choose your surrogate
Community support for your surrogate

Steps to Becoming a


We want to get to know you better


Speak with a Nodal staffer and get an understanding of our platform

Identity & Background Check

An essential screening step helps establish trust between all parties

Create a Profile

Share your story and what’s brought you to surrogacy

Connect with Surrogates

Surrogates review your profile to begin the matching process. It's time to meet your match!

How Much Does a Membership Cost?

Our transparent pricing model dramatically lowers the cost of a match.

A subscription is $500/month* and each payment goes toward your overall match fee.

*subscription only stops billing at the time of a match or cancellation.

The cost to match is $7,500 and each monthly subscription payment is deducted from this fee.

Our Goal is Simple

We want to make surrogacy an attainable option for more intended parents, without asking surrogates to do this invaluable work for less compensation. Additionally, we believe that hidden or opaque costs are unacceptable, and as such, we make sure intended parents know exactly what this process is likely to cost them from the beginning.

Timing is everything. You’re ready to join Nodal if:

You’re already working with a fertility clinic


You’ve created embryos, or you’re already on the path to creating them

Bring home a baby—faster.