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Surrogacy—Without the Waitlist

We have reinvented the slow-moving, antiquated processes that have historically made surrogacy a bulky, time-consuming endeavor. Instead, we’ve created an intuitive, frictionless experience where intended parents can quickly match with their dream surrogate and get moving towards a baby in way less time.

Whether you’re working with an agency or going the independent journey route, Nodal is a helpful add-on.

Our difference




Save time
Save money
Educational tools & resources
Legal resources
Insurance suggestions
The power to choose your surrogate
Community support for your surrogate
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Steps to Becoming a


We want to get to know you better

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Speak with a Nodal staffer and get an understanding of our platform

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Identity & Background Check

An essential screening step helps establish trust between all parties

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Create a Profile

Share your story and what’s brought you to surrogacy

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Connect with Surrogates

Surrogates review your profile to begin the matching process. It's time to meet your match!

How Much Does a Membership Cost?

Our transparent pricing model gets you to matching right away.

Nodal parent pricing

A subscription is $500/month and you can cancel at any time.

*subscription only stops billing at the time of a match or cancellation.

Each monthly subscription payment is deducted from your overall platform fee of $11,500 that is due once you've matched successfully.

Timing is everything. You’re ready to join Nodal if:

fertility doctor for surrogacy

You’re already working with a fertility clinic


embryo created for surrogacy journey

You’ve created embryos

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the matching platform work?

Once surrogates and intended parents are screened, they can access the Nodal platform. Both sides create profiles—similar to on a dating site—and the surrogate gets the chance to "swipe right" first (à la Bumble). If the intended parent(s) accept the invitation, they can meet for a match call. If it’s a match, Nodal helps both parties begin the next steps in their journey, including access to legal resources, educational tools, and nurse practitioner support.

Can I join Nodal if I am an intended parent already working with an agency?

Yes! We work with intended parent(s) seeking the right match regardless of their journey management preferences.

How are your surrogates vetted?

Every surrogate on our platform has received a thorough review of relevant medical records by our in-house clinician. All surrogates will also obtain an OB clearance letter, and some will receive an MFM from a third-party. Everyone on our platform goes through a background check and identity check to establish trust.

How long does it take to find a match?

​​While each surrogacy journey is unique, Nodal is currently matching surrogates and intended parents within weeks.

Are there really no waitlists?

Correct. We have surrogates on the Nodal platform waiting to find their perfect intended parent(s). As soon as you determine Nodal is the right fit for you, you're able to move forward into screening, profile building, and matching. No waiting required.

Do you offer case management?

We do—learn more here. We do not require a commitment from anyone working with Nodal to use it.

We believe that the heart of a surrogacy journey lies in a foundational partnership between a surrogate and intended parent(s). This is why we allow IPs to match on our platform before deciding on their journey management.

What happens if a match doesn't work out?

Matches fall through due to a variety of reasons. Regardless of the “why” Nodal can support you as you find another match.

If your doctor does not approve of the file we send over, your profile will return to the platform within 24 hours. If your doctor approves of the file but your match breaks between file approval and embryo transfer, we welcome you back with a discount.

Bring home a baby—faster.

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How Much Does Nodal Cost?

Our transparent pricing model dramatically lowers the cost of surrogacy.

Nodal parent pricing

We charge $5,750 as an initiation fee when you are approved to match on the platform.

*subscription only stops billing at the time of a match or cancellation.

Another $5,750 is charged as a second and final payment after a match has been accepted.

Our Goal is Simple

We want to make surrogacy an attainable option for more intended parents, without asking surrogates to do this invaluable work for less compensation. Additionally, we believe that hidden or opaque costs are unacceptable, and as such, we make sure intended parents know exactly what this process is likely to cost them from the beginning.

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