Our Mission

One of the most important and difficult decisions of many people’s lives is whether to have children. Nodal exists to ensure the gift of life can be accessible to anyone by bringing the process out of the shadows and into the open. Today, we accomplish this mission by connecting intended parents and gestational carriers that share similar values. Tomorrow, we’re democratizing the entire ART system for surrogates and donors alike.

Our Team

I’ve always been a giver and when I first learned of surrogacy I thought it would be incredible to be able to help someone in such a life changing way. As a surrogate I can only help one family at a time, but with Nodal there is no limit to the amount of dreams I can make come true.

Ashley Greene

Program Coordinator

Over the last 10 years, I've helped my patients complete their families. Through Nodal, I can help even more people on their paths to parenthood!

Brian Levine, MD


I had an amazingly fulfilling surrogacy experience and it is a privilege to be involved with the Nodal GC Advisor Program to provide that same positive experience for the incredible woman in the Nodal network.

Brianna Buck

Community Manager

I’m a lawyer looking to modernize surrogacy and to help provide a better option in the industry. I’m also so thankful to be a parent via an incredible gestational surrogate.

Carly Vollero

General Counsel

I'm a designer who believes in the value of building tools that improve the way we live. It's truly exciting to help bring the surrogacy journey to light with a modern experience that not only educates, but connects people.

Heather Franzman

Design Lead

It took my parents 13 years to conceive due to issues with infertility. I wake up everyday excited to work for an innovative company that I truly feel is aiding those with the same passion my parents had.

James Langton


After having 2 kids of my own, I want to help others feel the joy they bring. I believe using technology, we can truly make a difference and enable connections where otherwise would have been nearly impossible.

Kyle Connors

Chief Technology Officer

Being a mother to my two young children fills my cup in a way nothing else can, and I'm so grateful to be on a team that helps bring this joy to so many others on their path to parenthood. It's an honor to shine a light on the surrogacy journey and help complete so many families!

Larisa Courtien

Marketing Director

Creating and nurturing my family has allowed me to discover great joy, insightful lessons, and intense love. I'm thrilled to work at Nodal where we help create families and all of the joy and wonder that comes with it.

Melissa Golubski

Product Manager

As someone who dealt with infertility and knows just how difficult mentally, physically, and financially it can be, I’m incredibly motivated to make it easier for intended parents to realize their dream of starting or expanding their families.

Meredith Gieskes

VP of Marketing

Nothing makes me happier than my own family. I’m proud to build a company that helps makes that joy more accessible to everyone.

Taliya Golzar

Chief of Staff

Advisory Board

Partner at WBNY, Matrimonial and Family Law Group

Alexis Cirel, JD


Founder of Female Founders Fund

Anu Duggal


Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn & Former Intended Parent

Ashley Gildin Spitzer


VP of Creative Services at Bombas

Jessica Krantz


Psychotherapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nora Spielman, LCSW


Founder & CEO of Parsley Health

Robin Berzin, MD


Nodal Board

Dr. Levine is a founding partner and the practice director of the CCRM in New York. He is board-certified in both reproductive endocrinology and infertility, as well as obstetrics and gynecology.

Brian Levine, MD

Board Member

Edward Lando is a co-founder and managing partner at Pareto Holdings. He currently serves as CEO of Goody and was an early investor in 10+ unicorn companies.

Edward Lando

Board Member

Jon Oringer is the founder and executive chairman of Shutterstock and a co-founder and managing partner of Pareto Holdings. Pareto is an investment firm Jon and his partner Edward Lando created to incubate and invest in world-class businesses and to nurture the development of Miami’s growing tech scene.

Jon Oringer

Board Member

Nadav Ben-Chanoch is a partner at Pareto Holdings, where he oversees investments in a wide-range of industries and helps launch and scale tech companies. Prior joining Pareto, Nadav co-founded Rowgatta, a health and wellness brand headquartered in New York City after leaving Kirkland & Ellis LLP, where he was a corporate lawyer in the NY office specializing in private equity mergers and acquisitions.

Nadav Ben-Chanoch

Board Member

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