Redefining the
surrogacy experience.

Intended Mother and her surrogate sitting on a couch smiling with an ultrasound

Meet Nodal

Nodal is a platform that connects surrogates and intended parents while eliminating the most common pain points for both. With a focus on efficiency, compatibility, transparency, and empowerment through education, Nodal provides tailored support for all parties throughout their journey to build families.

A Letter From Our Founder

Dr. Brian Levine, CEO and Founder of Nodal

Nodal was created out of personal frustration: As a reproductive endocrinologist for the past 10+ years, I was tired of seeing the same thing happen over and over to my friends and my patients. Gestational carriers consistently said they were not well-informed and felt that they had little autonomy or power in the process. Intended parents were subject to increasingly astronomical fees and had no real visibility. So I decided to make the change I desperately wanted to see in the industry.

With our platform and community, we aim to give control back to our surrogates and intended parents by prioritizing clarity, support, and education. But we are more than just our technology: We are a team of clinicians, nurses, former surrogates and intended parents, all dedicated to making surrogacy a more attainable option as well as an exceptional, empowered experience.

In short, Nodal is surrogacy the way it should be.

Dr. Brian Levine
CEO & Founder

What’s In A Name

We chose Nodal [noh] + [dul] for three very specific reasons, in case you were wondering:


We connect different “nodes” of information to help our surrogates and intended parents reach their goals.


The “NODAL” gene is required for embryo development.


“Nodes” are the points on a stem where the buds, leaves, and branching twigs originate.  You can’t grow a (family) tree without interconnected nodes either!

Our Investors

Amplo, a Nodal investor
Great Oaks Venture Capital, a Nodal investor
Interplay, a Nodal investor
Pareto, a Nodal investor

Our Advisors

Alexis Cirel, JD, a Nodal Advisor
Alexis Cirel, JD

Matrimonial, Fertility, and Family Law Partner at Warshaw Burstein, LLP

Anu Duggal, a Nodal Advisor
Anu Duggal

Founding Partner at
Female Founders Fund

Ashley Gildin Spiter, a Nodal Advisor
Ashley Gildin Spitzer

Senior Enterprise Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn

Heidi Hayes, a Nodal Advisor
Heidi Hayes

Co-Founder of
Donor Egg Bank USA

Jessica Krantz, a Nodal Advisor
Jessica Krantz

Vice President Creative Services
at Bombas

Noda Spielman, LCSW, a Nodal Advisor
Nora Spielman, LCSW

Psychotherapist in
Private Practice

Robin Berzin, MD, a Nodal Advisor
Robin Berzin, MD

Founder, CEO at
Parsley Health

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