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Live Events

The Prego Expo 2023

Surrogacy Intake Coordinator Sammi Itatani and Program Coordinator Ashley Greene attended the August Prego Expo in Dallas, TX. Nodal hosted a booth and discussed how our platform efficiently connects pre-screened surrogates and intended parents.

ASRM 2022

The Nodal team had the distinct pleasure of attending the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s ASRM 2022 Conference in Anaheim, California. Throughout the conference we connected with industry thought leaders, partners, and friends. Check out the photos below for an inside look at the experience!

Nodal at ASRM, American Society for Reproductive MedicineNodal's award winning expo booth at ASRM 2022, American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Nodal Founder and CEO, Dr. Brian Levine, at American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2022Nodal team members at American Society for Reproductive Medicine, ASRM 2022Nodal at ASRM American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2022American Society for Reproductive Medicine ASRM attendees at the Nodal booth 2022

Digital Events


Surrogacy 101 Live Webinar

Join us to learn all about surrogacy. These live webinars answer your questions about the surrogacy process so you can feel confident about the journey. Click below to RSVP to our next live session.

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Meet the Mentors Live Webinar

As you begin your surrogacy journey, you are assigned a mentor who will work with you throughout your pregnancy, including your fourth trimester. Our mentors are experienced surrogates that help guide this special time.

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Watch Now

Agency or Independent Journey: Which is Right for You?

Confused about whether you want to go with an agency or try an indy journey? This webinar discusses the pros and cons of each path so you better understand the best direction for you.


Surrogacy 101

Have you always been curious about a surrogacy pregnancy but don’t know where to start? Learn more about the process with our Surrogacy 101 library, the ultimate overview of the surrogacy process.


Surro Chat with Bri and Jami

Two former surrogates sat down to discuss their journeys and the advice they wish they had when they first started. Hosted by Brianna Buck, Head of Surrogate Community at Nodal, and Jami DeVries, a Nodal Surrogate Mentor.


Surro Chat with Bri and Ashley

Learn about the requirements to become a surrogate, why they are essential, and the steps you can expect during your surrogacy intake. Hosted by Brianna Buck, Head of Surrogate Community at Nodal, and Ashley Greene, Program Coordinator at Nodal.


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