6 Surrogacy Instagram Accounts We Love

Written by Caroline Shannon

November 22, 2022

Whether a surrogate or an IP, it's nice to know someone is on this journey with you.

It’s inevitable—you’re going to scroll. In a social media world with digitized everything, it’s impossible to avoid even if you’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries around screen time. 

But when you have inspirational surrogacy Instagram accounts at your fingertips, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, amirite? Keep scrolling—see what we did there?—for a few you need to get on your main feed ASAP.

Who doesn’t love an Instagram account that tells it like it is, especially when it comes to surrogacy? Check out Ariel Taylor’s for honest videos about her experience as a five-time gestational carrier, including what it’s like to prepare for embryo transfer and a chronicle of her current surrogacy experience (her IP makes regular appearances, too).

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Andre recently shared with Nodal his journey to parenthood—he has twins born via surrogacy—and noted it wasn’t exactly a smooth journey.

“When I started my journey, I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea how to match with a surrogate,” he told Nodal on Instagram, adding that he resorted to Google to try and find answers. (He was unsuccessful.) “I wasted so many months going through different consultation calls, different inteviews on only to find out these companies did not have any surrogates to match with.”

Check out Andre’s account, and also hop over to YouTube where he runs SingleBlackGayDad TV and talks about his journey to being a single dad to twins. He even has an interview with his surrogate!

& @hannahw253

Jake and Hannah are both transgender parents who welcomed their first child, Millie, via surrogacy in 2020. Throughout the process, they had a film crew documenting their journey to create what eventually became “Our Baby: A Modern Miracle.” This past spring, the couple worked with a surrogate, Laura, to welcomed their second child, Teddie. Follow along to learn more about Jake’s and Hannah’s activism for transgender rights, as well as endless photos of their beautiful family.


Infertility is difficult, to say the (very) least. Monica and her husband, Ben, are unfortunately familiar with just how challenging it can be. The couple has faced multiple rounds of IVF, as well as two failed embryo transfers with a previous surrogate. But they are still hopeful (we are, too, Monica and Ben!), even recently posting to Instagram that they are seeking a surrogate for their remaining embryos. Whether you need a space where you feel seen, want the green light to get angry about infertility, or would simply like to encourage the couple along, this is an account worth following.

Bottom line: 

Social media can be a wonderful place to connect with surrogates and intended parents who can make your road to surrogacy feel a bit easier. And don't worry, this isn't the last post you'll see on this topic. Stay tuned for more account recommendations soon!

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