Building and Vetting Your Surrogacy Team

Written by Nodal Staff

February 21, 2024

Embarking on a surrogacy journey is a monumental decision. Assembling the right support team is crucial.

When starting a surrogacy journey, assembling the right support team is paramount to your future success. From agencies to legal services, each professional you bring on board is a big decision, and all of them will have a major impact on your journey. At Nodal, we understand the significance and are here to guide you through the process of building and vetting your surrogacy team with confidence and clarity.

Envision Your Ideal Surrogacy Journey:

Take a moment to imagine what your surrogacy experience should look like, and outline your priorities. Consider aspects such as communication style, level of involvement, and shared values. Finding professionals who share your vision and values, particularly regarding fundamental elements like communication, will pave the way for a seamless journey. By starting with a clear understanding of your preferences, you can confidently vet and select providers.

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Review Reputation and Experience:

Begin by researching the reputation and experience of surrogacy agencies, legal professionals, and insurance providers you're considering. Dive into reviews, testimonials, and success stories from fellow surrogates to gauge their satisfaction and outcomes. A great place to start is looking at surrogacy specific facebook groups.

Confirm Legal Expertise:

When selecting legal professionals, prioritize expertise in reproductive law and surrogacy agreements. Ensure they possess a deep understanding of the laws and regulations governing surrogacy in your state or country to navigate the process smoothly.

HIPAA Compliance:

Protecting your sensitive health information is paramount. Verify that all service providers, agencies, and anyone handling your personal data adhere to HIPAA compliance standards, safeguarding your privacy and security throughout the journey. 

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Consider All-Inclusive vs. Customized Options:

Determine whether you prefer an all-inclusive approach or value more control and customization in selecting your surrogacy team. Some providers offer a full suite of services, streamlining the process and reducing decision fatigue. Assess whether this comprehensive option aligns with your preferences, or if you prefer a more tailored approach, allowing you to handpick each member of your team for a personalized experience.

Financially, a customized approach may prove more cost-effective during a seamless journey, while an all-inclusive option could offer better value during a journey marked by unexpected challenges and pauses.

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Clear Communication:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful surrogacy team. Make sure the way they communicate aligns with your expectations. Are they available via email? Text? Opt for service providers who communicate openly and responsively, addressing your questions and concerns with transparency and empathy.


Transparency is non-negotiable. Partner with service providers who are forthcoming about their fees, processes, and expectations, avoiding any who employ high-pressure tactics or withhold essential information.

Personal Connection:

Trust your intuition. Cultivate a personal connection with your surrogacy team, selecting individuals with whom you feel comfortable and confident. Establishing a strong, trusting relationship fosters collaboration and mutual understanding throughout the journey.

Building and vetting your surrogacy team is a pivotal step in realizing your dream of helping others build their families. Remember that you always have a choice when it comes to who walks with you on and through this journey. Take the time you need to find the right providers for you.

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