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Why Parents Choose Us

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A guided journey

Nodal’s case management bridges the gap between costly full-service agencies and complex independent journeys.
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Experienced professionals, affordable pricing

Our case management fee of $11,500 is a fraction of what you’ll pay elsewhere, without sacrificing expertise.
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Relationship management made easy

Surrogacy is a partnership built on communication and trust — let us be your liaison.

What You Can Expect

Our case management highlights all the necessary steps, and also what to expect at each milestone along the way. You and your surrogate will have a dedicated case manager and on-demand access to legal expertise, clinician guidance, and educational resources to feel fully supported and empowered to make the right decisions for you.

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    Case management from match to embryo transfer

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    Streamlined communication between you and your surrogate

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    In-depth record review from a clinician

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    MFM medical clearance, if needed

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    Psych screen, including IP consult and group session

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    Access and introductions to industry experts

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    Coordination of all related travel

Whether you’re working with an agency or going the independent journey route, Nodal is a helpful add-on.

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Save time
Save money
Educational tools & resources
Legal resources
Insurance suggestions
The power to choose your surrogate
Community support for your surrogate

The Navigator Difference

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Carly Vollero
Nodal’s general counsel and ART Lawyer

A graduate of Stanford University Law School, Carly possesses both a professional and a personal connection to surrogacy in that she worked with a surrogate to have her firstborn child.  She knows from her own experience just how hard it is to find trustworthy, unprejudiced advice and offers recommendations both big and small for managing every step of the way. 

Dr. Levine
Board-certified doctor in reproductive endocrinology + infertility and obstetrics + gynecology

Dr. Brian Levine is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on IVF and surrogacy. His TED Talk on fertility has been viewed over 2.5 million times and he has been tapped as a quoted expert by outlets including CNN, The TODAY Show and Popular Science.  

Ashley Greene
Nodal’s surrogacy Program Director

A mother of three herself, Ashley is also a three-time former surrogate and currently embarking on her fourth journey. Ashley’s passion for helping families is palpable and her previous work as the COO at a  surrogacy agency makes her well suited to give advice around what to look for in a match. 

Dr. Sina Haeri
Maternal-fetal medicine specialist

Dr. Haeri completed his residency training in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Georgetown University and Washington Hospital Center, did his fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill, and another fellowship in Anatomic Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA. Over the past decade he has established over 60 Maternal-Fetal Telemedicine (teleMFM) programs around the nation, and he currently serves as the subject matter expert on teleMFM for several national organizations. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing removes the guesswork from your journey.

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Get Started

Some questions, some answers

How much does case management cost?

$11,500 which covers the time from match to embryo transfer, with an option to keep Nodal's services post-transfer for an additional fee.

If you bring a surrogate match outside of Nodal's platform, there is an additional screening fee of $2,500 for our team to thoroughly verify and review her medical records.

How does this differ from full case management?

Oftentimes, the most difficult part of a journey is between the match and transfer, where there are plenty of medical tests, travel requirements, additional appointments, and legal aspects that need coordination. Nodal's case management handles those parts of a journey and concludes with the embryo transfer. Our pricing is so competitive because we are not offering full case management.

Our pricing is so competitive because this is not full case management. When you sign up for full case management with an agency, that typically includes case management of the entire journey up until the birth of the baby. In some cases it will also include a match.

Does the fee include the cost of a match?

No, the case management fee is not inclusive of a match. You may bring your own matched surrogate, or work with us through our Nodal Match platform and the fee to match is $11,500.

If you bring your own matched surrogate, there is a screening fee of $2,500.

What does it include?

‍Our qualified team serves as a friendly, professional intermediary between you and your surrogate, as well as your clinic and other providers

You'll have a dedicated case manager available to you with weekly calls for consistent communication.

Our in-house clinician provides in-depth medical record review to help with clinic acceptance.

MFM medical clearance will be provided if our clinician feels it necessary or helpful for clinic acceptance.

Psych screen, including IP consult and group session, for all cases.

Insurance review.

Coordination of all related travel, including to and from medical clearance and transfer day.

When during my journey should I sign up for Nodal Case Management?

We recommend signing up with us as soon as your match is finalized.

In some cases, we recommend waiting until your fertility clinic accepts your surrogate at medical clearance. From there, Nodal can handle the rest of the details.

Does the fee include insurance review?

Insurance review is included with Nodal Case Management. Our Nodal team will connect you with an insurance professional so you have full visibility into the review. We'll organize this detailed part of the journey. No additional fees will be incurred.

What about legal costs?

Nodal has connections to the best lawyers in the industry. Based on your journey's specific needs, we'll connect you with attorneys and coordinate scheduling as needed. As legal fees can vary by state and attorney, these costs are not included in Nodal Case Management.

How much does Nodal Navigator cost?

Straightforward pricing to help you get to your next step in surrogacy.

Nodal parent pricing

We charge $7,500 for 6 months of continuous, personalized support and resources.

Brand new to your surrogacy journey? Send us an email to learn more about our starter option.

*subscription only stops billing at the time of a match or cancellation.

Our Goal is Simple

We want to make surrogacy an attainable option for more intended parents, without asking surrogates to do this invaluable work for less compensation. Additionally, we believe that hidden or opaque costs are unacceptable, and as such, we make sure intended parents know exactly what this process is likely to cost them from the beginning.

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