7 LGBTQ+ Surrogacy Accounts We Love

Written by Caroline Shannon

June 6, 2023

Pride Month and beyond—here are some inclusive family-building accounts you should get to know.

It's true that at Nodal, we celebrate Pride Month, but the truth is that supporting the LGBTQ+ community—including same-sex parents—is a year-round event for us.

And so we thought we'd share a few of our favorite surrogacy LGBTQ+ Instagram accounts to inspire you today and every day. Keep scrolling to learn more about them, and don't forget to follow!


If you’re looking to add an infusion of fun into your feed, look no further than Bret and Stephen of BroadwayHusbands. This dad duo is literally in choreographed lock-step, producing feel-good content about their frequent Disney trips, life in NYC, and documenting adventures with Maverick, their son born in 2022 with the help of their surrogate, Krystle.

@jake_graf5 & @hannahw253

Jake and Hannah are both transgender parents who welcomed their first child, Millie, via surrogacy in 2020. Throughout the process, they had a film crew documenting their journey to create what eventually became “Our Baby: A Modern Miracle.” This past spring, the couple worked with a surrogate, Laura, to welcome their second child, Teddie. Follow along to learn more about Jake’s and Hannah’s activism for transgender rights, as well as endless photos of their beautiful family.

@adityamadiraju & @thisisamitshah

Aditya and Amit are a New Jersey-based couple who recently welcomed their first child with the help of a surrogate. The pair—who met in 2016 and tied the knot two years later at City Hall in New York—announced the surrogacy pregnancy in January, noting on Instagram: "Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that a casual bump in at a birthday party 6 years ago would find us our forever soulmate and give us the courage to stand against the world. And here we are getting ready to be dads!!"

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Looking for an account that represents all types of LGBTQ+ families, including those who came to be with the help of surrogacy? Look no further than Gay Parents To Be, a community designed to help individuals build the family of their dreams via surrogacy, egg donors, and IVF. In addition to being an educational resource, the account regularly shares heart-warming stories of LGBTQ+ families and how they came to be.


Andre recently shared with Nodal his journey to parenthood—he has twins born via surrogacy—and noted it wasn’t exactly a smooth journey.

“When I started my journey, I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea how to match with a surrogate,” he told Nodal on Instagram, adding that he resorted to Google to try and find answers. (He was unsuccessful.) “I wasted so many months going through different consultation calls, different interviews on only to find out these companies did not have any surrogates to match with.”

Check out Andre’s account, and also hop over to YouTube, where he runs SingleBlackGayDad TV and talks about his journey to being a single dad to twins. He even has an interview with his surrogate!


Paul and Alec are dads to twin boys, who they welcomed after working with a surrogate in 2020. The couple regularly shares to-die-for family photos on their Instagram feed along with helpful informational posts about surrogacy, like what it's like to consider a second surrogacy journey and how they chose an egg donor.

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Men Having Babies has a very specific mission in mind when it comes to providing information about myriad family-building journeys, and that's to provide "educational & financial support for gay men who want to become dads through surrogacy." Follow the account to read about other families and even stay in the loop with the numerous workshops and conferences the organization holds throughout the year.


Michael and Matthew began looking for a surrogate in March and are chronicling their process on Instagram, as well as their new podcast, "Who's Your Daddy?" Their podcast, the pair notes, is about what it's like to navigate the world of surrogacy, IVF, adoption, and foster care, which, according to their Instagram, "can feel like jumping off a dock into a pit of deep water—not knowing how far down it goes."

Follow along to learn about their surrogacy experience, and other inclusive paths to parenthood.

Bottom line: 

Social media is a wonderful place to connect with LGBTQ+ surrogacy stories that can inspire your own family-building dreams and make your road to surrogacy feel a bit easier.

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