Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong & Healthy During Surrogacy

Written by Nodal

November 7, 2022

How to be mindful during your surrogacy journey.

No surrogate goes through their journey alone. Pregnancy is a highly emotional time and it will have an impact on your whole family, particularly your significant other. Nodal has put together a list of tips to help you keep your relationship healthy and strong throughout your surrogacy journey as a gestational carrier. 

1. Communication is key! From the very start, it is important to communicate openly. Explain your reasons for being drawn to surrogacy and what the process looks like. Be open to answering questions and researching the answers together so you both have a clear picture of the surrogacy journey. Speaking to a counselor can be a great tool to keep you on the same page. Most agencies will offer resources for this.

2. Ask your partner how involved they would like to be throughout the process. Are they interested in attending appointments? Would they like to develop a relationship with your Intended Parent(s)? 

3. Stay positive! As you know, pregnancy can have an impact on your mood. Remind yourself and them about the reasons you decided to become a surrogate whether you were motivated by providing an invaluable service to another family, fulfilling a need, or bringing in income for your own family. 

4. Remember that it’s temporary! Remind yourself and your partner that your role as a gestational surrogate is only temporary and your life and lifestyle will return to normal once the baby is born. 

5. Connect with other surrogate couples. You are not alone and it may help find other couples who have been through the experience together. Nodal has an entire network of former surrogates you can tap into!

Every relationship is different and there is no right or wrong way to approach surrogacy with your partner as long as they are supportive of you and this process.

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