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Nodal Navigator: The Best Way to Jumpstart Your Surrogacy Journey

Nodal Health

October 17, 2023

Whether you’re new to surrogacy or at a crossroads, Nodal’s team of experts is here to guide you.

One common thread for everyone who starts doing surrogacy research is that within the first five minutes of Googling, it becomes crystal clear: The process is both lengthy and complex. Not to mention expensive. Now, once you’ve wrapped your head around the fact that yes, this will take a while, and yes, there are a lot of moving parts, and yes, it’s costly (after all, they don’t call it a journey for nothing), then you really only have one question left to ask yourself before you dive in: How much easier do I want it to be to get to the finish line? 

If you’re like most people, you want to be as economical as possible, without making any major sacrifices. But the best way to be savvy about assembling a top-tier team around you is to rely on unbiased experts who can help guide you given your unique circumstances. That’s why we developed Nodal Navigator, our premium offering for IPs who want to get a completely customized experience that expedites and safeguards a journey.

Our approach starts with a series of four consultations, which are critical in setting you up for long-term success. You’ll speak with: 

Carly Vollero, Nodal’s general counsel and ART Lawyer. A graduate of Stanford University Law School, Carly possesses both a professional and a personal connection to surrogacy in that she worked with a surrogate to have her firstborn child.  She knows from her own experience just how hard it is to find trustworthy, unprejudiced advice and offers recommendations both big and small for managing every step of the way. 

Dr. Brian Levine, considered one of the world’s foremost experts on IVF and surrogacy, Dr. Levine is board-certified in both reproductive endocrinology and infertility and obstetrics and gynecology. His TED Talk on fertility has been viewed over 2.5 million times and he has been tapped as a quoted expert by outlets including CNN, The TODAY Show and Popular Science.  

Ashley Greene is Nodal’s surrogacy Program Director. A mother of three herself, Ashley is also a three-time former surrogate and currently embarking on her fourth journey. Ashley’s passion for helping families is palpable and her previous work as the COO at a surrogacy agency makes her well suited to give advice around what to look for in a match. 

Dr. Sina Haeri is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist who completed his residency training in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Georgetown University and Washington Hospital Center, did his fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill, and another fellowship in Anatomic Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA. Over the past decade he has established over 60 Maternal-Fetal Telemedicine (teleMFM) programs around the nation, and he currently serves as the subject matter expert on teleMFM for several national organizations. 

Each 30 minute call is tailored to your specific questions and situation. After completing these conversations, you will receive a list of all recommended service providers and warm introductions to those contacts. This takes into account your preferences, financing, and delivers personalized recommendations on best-in-class service providers from lawyers to doctors to agencies and more. 

The cost for Nodal Navigator is a $2,500 upfront fee. The first step is a kick-off call with an in-house coordinator, who will be dedicated to your case for three months as you jumpstart your journey. To get started, contact to learn more. 

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