Automated Timesheets and Self-Billing

Nodal automates the timesheet signing off process, managing costs in a live environment. Our self-billing system raises invoices and purchase orders for clients as part of a fully auditable and verified ledger.

An Essential Tool For Your Clients

Nodal is a revolutionary Vendor Management System, used on a number of Master Vendor Agreements. Win more business, increase your productivity and impress new clients immediately.

Integrated Accounting - All Your Systems In One Place

You can store client vacancy data, applicants and scheduling information on the Nodal platform - finally everything is in one place. Nodal also integrates with your existing accounting tools for seamless billing, timesheet management and cost control.

Money For Referrals

Monetise your existing workers further by getting them to refer candidates, spend less on internal resourcing and increase your margin on each hire.

24/7 Customer Support

Nodal gives you a human to talk to, around the clock. Businesses and workers need support, and we are here to guide you.

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