Our Technology

Blockchain is a system in which a record of transactions are made via tokens and stored on a permanent ledger, maintained across several computers that are connected through a shared network.

Blockchain and Employment

Blockchain creates a totally fair and trustworthy system for storing and handling data.

The result is that it no longer becomes necessary for lengthy and costly verification processes, or calling referees to validate employment or project history.

Eventually, this means that old-school resumes and career networking platforms could become obsolete.

The Nodal platform creates a system of value that trades upon verification, trust and automation.

AI for Employment

Nodal uses a simple, intuitive and uncomplicated user interface (UI) along with our own artificial intelligence (AI) to match companies and contractors quicker and faster than a recruiter, or a traditional career networking site.

We spend time reviewing company cultures, from who’s giving away free beer on Fridays - to where to find the best coffee with a view.

All these things are matched to your interests and core values, and we make sure that every time it’s the right fit.

Administration and Automation

The benefits of Nodal can go further: the system can be used to automate taxes as well as improve their accuracy.

As a fair and accountable system, blockchain can track time-spent on projects and therefore income over time - as well as expenses and purchases, resetting tax rates in real-time based on how much a freelancer or contractor is earning. Blockchain also cuts out many of the mundane day-to-day tasks undertaken by HR professionals relating to the management of freelancers, from managing payroll - to managing payments and contracts, by automating these flows with pre-determined terms called ‘Smart Contracts’.

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