January 7, 2021
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What Are the Basic Requirements to Become a Surrogate?

If you're curious about becoming a surrogate (or maybe you've already begun the application process), then you’ve already checked one of the most significant boxes on the surrogate requirement checklist: being altruistic. But while that’s a great start, there are still several basic requirements to become a surrogate, including the following health, financial, and lifestyle factors.

Keep reading for more details, including what disqualifies you from being a surrogate.

Health Requirements

- You must be between 21 and 43 years old.

- You must have given birth to at least one child and currently be parenting at least one of those children.

- You must have had a successful birth and pregnancy with no complications.

- You must reside in a surrogacy friendly state (non-surrogacy-friendly states are Nebraska, Louisiana, and Michigan, as well as anywhere outside of the United States).

- Your Body Mass Index (BMI) must be lower than 32.

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Financial Requirements 

- You cannot be on any government assistance, including: cash assistance, welfare, and public housing, like the Section 8 Housing Program.

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Lifestyle Requirements 

- No drugs use, alcohol abuse or smoking,

- You must have a support system (e.g. family member or friend) who will be with you during the pregnancy.

- You must be able to travel for appointments.